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I am in the process of creating a "tree" style template page to add each section of lineage to as we go along or for anyone to also create their own section of the tree easily as a page template. I will let you know when it is complete :)

Feel free to add pages and begin the information loading onto the site :) We will begin ourselves very shortly :)

Wallace and Stephanie Haile

We recently created a MyHeritage site as well (work in progress :)

Here is some of the information that was sent to us by Steven C. Haile of Las Vegas:

Your Hertfordshire, England to America HALE line goes like this:

1335-1395 Nichoals Hales of Hale's Place Holden
1360-1420 Nicholas Hales Jr (bro. was Robert, Lord High Teasurer)
1405-1460 Thomas Hales
1435-1495 Henry Hales
1465-1525 Gilbert Hales
1490-1550 Edward Hales
1515-1575 Thomas Hale of Codicote
1536-1620 Richard Hale
1560-1630 William Hale of Hertford
1601-1660 Geroge Hale (the Immigrant, 1621)
1628-1677 Nicholas Hale I (The American)
1656-1730 Nicholas Hale II
1702-1760 Nicholas Hale III
1724-1807 Nicholas Hale IV
1764-1813 Joshua Thomas Hale/Haile (died in War of 1812)
1793-1867 Amon Hale/Haile (m. Lockney Brown)
Then onto Joshua P on Benton's side; and Dudley on Bessie's side.

I am going to try to model this site around this design and add pages (and subpages) based on this table of contents. It is just a guideline really, not a set in stone rule, so feel free to get going with ideas of your own :)

Greenbal.gif (922 bytes) Articles (Magazine / Newspaper) Greenbal.gif (922 bytes) Native American Roots
Greenbal.gif (922 bytes) Bible Records Greenbal.gif (922 bytes) Obituaries
Greenbal.gif (922 bytes) Civil War Information Greenbal.gif (922 bytes) Photo Gallery
Greenbal.gif (922 bytes) Daughters of the American Revolution
Greenbal.gif (922 bytes) Research Contacts
Greenbal.gif (922 bytes) Letters Greenbal.gif (922 bytes) Surname Queries
Greenbal.gif (922 bytes) Marriage Records Greenbal.gif (922 bytes) "Tidbits" of Research
Greenbal.gif (922 bytes) Name Origin Greenbal.gif (922 bytes) Wills & Deeds

Pages of Interest

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